Spring Bank Camp

Camp Challenge Event

When: Sunday Morning
Where: Main Marquee

Thanks to support from Rolls Royce earlty career engineers, we are able to offer a design and construction camp challenge to all participants. Full details will be announced nearer the camp, but the activity will allow teams of participants to work towards badge requirements using their STEM skills.

Here's the challenge:

Our Jungle Adventurer is planning another expedition and is looking for a team of bright and enthusiastic Scouts/Guides to help! Your team will need to help the adventurer navigate through the jungle and cross the great snaking river passing through it. Your team will need to design a portable bridge which can be carried with you through the jungle and that can support you and your equipment whilst you cross the river. Before you embark on this adventure you will need to build a model of your bridge design and test it on a small scale.

The Cub / Brownie challenge will take place entirely on-site, with no pre-preparation required where as a larger challenge during the months prior to camp is available for Scouts / Guides, with their construction being tested at camp by a panel of experts.

We have the support of Rolls-Royce early careers engineers, who will also be on-hand to help with the competition and talk to the young people about their experiences entering the world of work.

Team Brief   Leader's

Should you want to reach out to STEM volunteers to help with preparation for the challenges and the badge-work links, “STEM Ambassadors” may be contacted via this link:  http://www.debp.org/stem-hub/

Winners of the Guides and Scouts larger challenge will win a cash prize for their unit of £100 which has kindly been donated by Rolls Royce plc.


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