Spring Bank Camp

Information for Parents and Guardians

We appreciate that sending your son or daughter to camp can be quite a logistical undertaking, particularly if it's the first time they've been away to a large event like Spring Bank and even more so if this is their first ever camp. So, to help out, we've put together some key information to help you get ready. Please note that your groups may have made specific arrangements (for example if they are travelling to Drum Hill togehter via mini-bus) but please keep any such arrangements in mind.

Arriving on site

We operate a one-way system for arrivals to Spring Camp to assist with traffic flow.


Parking is on the main field car park (indicated on the map above). Please be aware that this is a field car park, the ground (like the rest of the camp site) is uneven in places and in wet weather it can be muddy... please make sure you're wearing appropriate footwear, even if you're only coming onto site for a few minutes to drop off your son/daughter.

Lost Property

Approximately 1200 - 1300 young people attend Spring Bank Camp every year... this typically generates around 200-300 items of lost property over the weekend. Everything from Drinks Bottles to Wallets. We try as much as we can to return these to their owners during the weekend, but there is always a massive amount of stuff left in the reception at the end of camp. It would therefore help us enormously if you could make sure that everything has your child's name on it.

No Dogs...

Unfortunately, we have had problems with people bringing dogs onto site before, and have therefore had to implement a general ban on bringing dogs onto site, with the obvious exception for guide dogs.


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